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Characterization and dynamics for the development

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Agency of Rural Extension Esquina

Rice - Watermelon - Cotton - Corn - Soybean  


Cattle ranch: 

Predominantly it is of bovine young, this activity in the zone has a competitive advantage of pasturing on natural field, being the operated races more: Bradford, Brangus and Creole, standing out an establishment in the young of Buffalos. Zones of the activity: Average fields (ZAH(2)) and the fields of Malezal (ZAH(1), also are made with smaller intensity the other zones.

The activity is complemented with the ovine production, predominating the race corriedale. Existing establishments that operate the pig activity, bird-raising and equina but to a lesser extent.


Horticulture under plastic (conservatories) 

This has been developed during completes decade, arising like an alternative for the primicia production (to produce before other traditional zones of the country). The main vegetables are peppers (long of four ends) and tomatos (round long type life). Telling at the moment on 60000 mts. square dedicated places setting to the activity. 



The plantation of forest trees in the Dpto. it has been increased remarkably in these years arriving to cover 4500ha. The dedicated zone is ZAH 2, on sandy ground predominating the culture of pines, (60%) and eucalyptuses (40%), are being made experiences with grevilea like alternative to the wood production. An industrial plant installed recently for the manufacture of blocks exists, assembled (to finger join) and boards, from wood of pines. 



They exist in the Dpto. 1500 beehives of 15 producers, with a production average of 40kg. By beehive. The honey production is to divide of the natural flora mainly of mounts and islands, being a this competitive advantage at the time of offering a natural product. The destiny of the production is for exporting hoarders, and a small percentage is destined on sale local like artisan product. 


Varieties of Onions


We are evaluating the artificial young of fish in pools, as an alternative to the sport fishing.



Rice : the surface planted in the Dpto. it is of 3500 is approx, being an activity made by 5 companies. The production system is by irrigation, being the yield average at the present time of 6000 to 8000 kg X has. Of rice rind. The main destiny of this production is the national internal market and not it export due to exchange restrictions. Zone   of culture Low ZAH 3, Fields. 

Cotton: the surface planted in this campaign does not surpass the 1500 has. Being one of but low in the last the 20 years, due to the low prices of the product. The predominant zone of sowing ZAH 4, the main variety is Gazuncho INTA characterized by an average fiber to short, preferred by the local textile industry. The yield average of the zone is of 1500Kg. Of cotton with seed by has. 

Months of harvest from March to May mainly, made by numerous small and medium producers; where it predominates in work with familiar manual labor. 

Watermelon : this it is the culture characteristic of the Dpto., that is made on sandy grounds of Zona ZAH 2. 

The surface seeded varia with the years,   but makes the rounds in the 1000, has made by numerous small and medium producers; where it predominates in work with familiar manual labor, the predominant variety is the long?rayada one, (type jubilee) and?redonda bordered? (type crimson sweet), the main destiny is the national internal market, being the months of December and January those of production. 

Corn : culture that is made in two main systems occupying 600 has altogether: 

1        at level of small producers, that they have as destiny autoconsumo. Surface in each small farm is from 1 to 2 has. 

2        At level enterprise system where hybrid material is used, destine to the internal national market. 

Soybean : it is the more recent agricultural activity, getting to cover a surface with 1500ha approx, make medium producers to great, being an activity totally mechanized. 

Vegetables to field : also cultures of sweet potato and onion are made, being made like alternative production at level of small producers. 


Alternative Productions

Due to the diversification of the activity, consequence of the different demands of the market the A.E.R. Corner promulgates these alternative productions: 

Subtropical fruit trees. Experiences with cultures of mamón, palta and handles are being made.

Birds of farm: country chickens, quails and pheasants. 

Vegetables: miniwatermelons. 


Consultations in AER INTA Ing. Agr. Msc. Raul Grandoli  intaesq@goyanet.com.ar 


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