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Brief historical review:

The foundation of our city has two dates of foundations, according to versions of different historians, in this small summary we presented/displayed the two versions to them


Dr Codazzi Aguirre

Esquina (Corner in english) was born there by end of 1700, when the Slug was created , in earth pertaining to Don Benito Lamela, Spanish immigrant, who fulfilling a done promise to Holy Rita ofCascia, commanded to construct a chapel in his honor, on one legua square of earth in " the own Esquina of the Corriente river ".

Therefore the city is called " Holy Rita of the Esquina of the Corriente River ", the 22 of May of 1799, day of holy, was inaugurated " the destined Public " Chapel to the devotion of Holy Rita, pattern of our city. (Source: book " History of Holy Rita ofla Esquina ")


Mr. Juan Daniel Cafferata Soto

This version is based on the biography of the bishop of Buenos Aires, Monsignor Benito Lué and Riaga, where it chronological details to the erections of the parishes in Corrientes and Misiones, mentioning the foundation of the parish of Holy Rita ofla Esquina day 10 of February of 1806.

Instituting this way the different dates from the foundation of our dear city, by municipal ordinance day 10 is restored of February like date of foundation. (Source: newspaper the Esquinense)

The image of Holy Rita of Cascia exhibited in the vestibule of the parish the holidays, the called wood " image to dress " was brought specially   of Lugo, Spain, by relatives of Don Benito Lamela, and today after 200 years it presides over the acts of cult of the esquinenses faithfuls, who each 22 of May with the presence of numerous feligreses, venerate their holy patron.

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