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Lodgings in the city -

The city counts on a hotel capacity of 2400 pax, 41 establishments distributed in 6 hotels, 25 cabins and/or bungalows,   2 departments, 7 residential ones, lodgings   and/or pensions and 9 estancias and Inns.-

The cost zone  counts with 15 privates  ports, 11 in North zone and 4 in South zone, in addition  the local port has 2 ramps and an  electrical lifter. The city have  a  nautical park of 450 boats to the service of the fisherman.


Tentative values of lodging  Boats with guides

Rooms:  with  private bathrooms, breakfast, ventilator, optional TV, conditioned air or heating

Single: from U$S 7  to 15

Married Single: U$S 8 to 18

Double: U$S  10 to 20

Triple: U$S  12 to 22

Suites: U$S 20 to 35

Optional: services of laundry, gymnasiums, hidromassaje, City tour.


Large  up to 4 people: U$S 60 to U$S 80

Small  up to 2 people: $50 to $70

These prices do not include expenses of:

Fuel p/24hs.: U$S 15

Bait: U$S 2 to U$S 4

Food: to consuming selection to its position.

Optional: camping in islands, stroll, ski,  jet ski .



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